The Picton Files are an upcoming series of contemporary crime detective thrillers, featuring two main characters: Detective Inspector Lance Picton and his assistant Kit.

The game will be developed in Strand and presented with 3D rendered graphics, ambient sounds and other effects. Gameplay will consist of hybrid choice-parser input with image clickables and multiple location viewpoints.

Detective Inspector Lance Picton is as tenacious as he is effective. He's like a dog with a bone, he won't let go until the case is solved. His methodology is relentless investigation and questioning for clues leaving no stone unturned.

In this game you will assume the role of DI Picton. Let's hope you're up to it. If you get stuck, look for more clues and consult your assistant. Good luck!

This is a demo of the first scene using Strand's new Interactive Fiction technology.
What do you think of this demo? We're most interested in your comments and feedback.

Thanks for playing!


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You have a very large fanbase in Germany. Why don't you use them for a translation of your wonderful games. E.g. guild of thieves in german would do a great benefit for your history.

That's a nice idea. There are ideas in the pipeline for sequels and spin-offs to the original games using the new system. I think it would be cool to make those multi-lingual, rather than trying to retro-fit to the originals.