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It plays really, really well. 

It would be nice if there would be a setting to display the images at 1:1 scale or at least use nearest neighbour scaling (so the images stay crisp). I could also do with an option to show the c64 version of the images as well :)

There's only one rather annoying point from the settings: Scale, getting it back to 1 is next to impossible without try and error, a "reset scale" button would help a lot.

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good point about scale reset. In general, try not to mess with scale. Almost always you can get the same thing by changing the font size. The scale feature was added originally in case the buttons were too small or large - mainly for laptops with touch screens.

To make the images more like the original, switch off "image pixel scaling" (which is on by default). This removes the XBR scaling algorithm, but even so the pictures are still scaled to fit the window.

The original pictures are only 256 pixels wide, so they would be _really_ tiny on any modern device. It could just pixel double/tripple/quad etc, but they would be quite blocky indeed.

checkout this blog entry for more info on the pictures,


I might try to track down the C64 versions of the pictures too.


I played Pawn/Thieves/Jinxter on the Amiga and the c64, so the c64 images would be a real bonus. (2x blocky scaling of the images as well ;) )

btw any plans for Thieves and Jinxter as well?


Absolutely, Guild of Thieves is running here, but it needs more testing. We're hoping to make a beta soon(ish).

Does the Pawn work on mac os 10.10.5 ? I don't think so (I can not install the game)

It should do! If you can't get it to work, email me at and i'll help out.

is there a plan for an iOS release?

Yes, we are currently finishing the remaining bits for the iOS build. It just takes a little more time, but it is in the works.

Fantastic news! :)

iPhone & iPad version submitted to Apple for review...

Bought! Thanks for the bump. :)

Lovely seeing this remaster! Any idea why Paypal purchases aren't supported though?

Good point about PayPal, I'll look into it. Thanks!

Thank you :)

(humbly bows)


Another vote for PayPal here - hope it's added as an option soon as I'd love to buy this.

I remember playing it on my Sinclair QL! (and then on Amstrad CPC and Amiga too).  Guild of Thieves was probably the finest of the series, but the Pawn was wonderful too.

Paypal now suported!